Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DIY Gold Splatter Cowhide Rug

Hello Lovelies!  Y’all know how you see those splatter cowhide rugs all over everywhere that is cool?  And you think to yourself, “Self, I need to buy that.”  And then you look at the price and you say to yourself a bunch of four letter words, “Maybe not.”?  Do you do that?  Me too! 
Anywhoo, I needed a rug in the breakfast room that was durable, looked like a million (okay maybe $700) bucks and really cost next to nothing.  I had a cowhide that was just sitting in another room beckoning me to DIY those gold splatters.  And so I did.
You will need:  a cowhide rug and gold (or whatever color you want) spray paint.  Stupid simple.  Again, I used a brindle rug I had and some Rustoleum Metallic Brass spray paint.


Lay your hide rug on a surface you don’t mind getting a bit painty.  Not a word?  It is now. 

Shake up your paint really well and spray a bunch into the lid.  (*Warning:  you will get paint splatters on your hands.  And arms.  It’s also best not to do this the day before a big interview.  Just sayin.)  Now, quickly throw that paint onto the rug.  Yep, throw it.  It’ll come out in splatters.


If you don’t like bigger splatters, you can avoid them by not throwing and just shaking the lid over the rug.  At first it will look kinda lame.  But then, as you add more, magic happens.  Finally, you will find yourself with this goodness.  And if you are like me, it was free.  Aw yeah.  (It is more sparkly in person.  #hardtophotograph)


What do you think?  Wouldn’t it be awesome in other colors? 

Oh and in case you don't believe me about the splatters, check out the goodness I'm sporting today.

Have a great day!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Bathroom for my Boys

Hey Y’all!  Look at me blogging twice in one week.  #overachiever.  I’d better be careful or you will get spoiled.  J

Thanks for all of the comments regarding the move.  It was stressful and HOT, but well worth it.  I’ve been sewing like a mad woman trying to get us settled.  I started with shower curtains.  Why shower curtains, you wonder?  So the kids will stop taking their showers in my bathroom!  Why is it that being a mother means having absolutely no privacy?  Between the kids and dogs, I constantly have a shadow.  But I’m blessed for it, even if it drives me crazy some days.  ;)

Let’s start with the boys’ bathroom, shall we?  Because, honestly, it was the easiest.  Their bathroom is off a little hall that joins to the breakfast room.  It is also the closest to the family room and is the one that guests use most often.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve uttered, “It’s the boys’ bathroom so I have to apologize in advance.”  Or even better, “Just let me flush before you go in there.”  Boys = Gross.  No getting around it. 


I painted the bathroom Parchment Paper from Behr at the Home Depot.  Best Paint Ever.  Seriously, I love Behr.  I wanted a contrast for the cabinet, so I went with Farrow & Ball’s Tanner’s Brown.  It is a black with a bit of brown in it, which makes it more of a warm black.  It is gorgeous and is my favorite black from F&B.


Whenever I re-do a room for my kids, I always unleash them in my workroom and ask them to pick a fabric.  That is always my jumping off point.  They pick the fabric(s) that they like, and then give me free reign.  This time, my boys loved F. Schumacher’s “Fireworks” in chartreuse.  Sadly, this colorway is discontinued.  Boo.  I was so happy when they picked it because I knew that it would play oh so nicely with the F&B cabinet color. 

I cannot stand normal shower curtains.  They drive me crazy.  I’m not sure why but I think it has to do with the way they cut off a room.  Kind of like when you try on an outfit and the cut just isn’t figure flattering?  Well, shower curtains generally aren’t figure flattering to a room.  Instead, I always do a pair of panels and a cornice hung to the ceiling in our bathrooms.  I add a second rod and an extra-long clear shower curtain that is the functioning shower curtain.  When not in use, it simply slides behind one of the panels and disappears.  Not only does this style look better, it also prevents grubby hands from dirtying up the pretty fabric curtain.  #notmyfirstgoround


The art is the boys bathroom is easy peasy.  I got super cheap frames from Hob Lob, added a piece of coordinating scrapbooking paper to the back and then selected some fun black and white pictures of the boys.  Stacked up behind the potty, it adds color, personality and height.


Opposite the art is a shelf that is supposed to hold their wet towels.  Note the “supposed to”.  J  Above it I have a super sweet print that I got from etsy and a coral that we picked out together in Key West on vacation a few years ago.  I drag my kids to estate & garage sales all the time periodically, and my youngest son, Conner, found this vintage trophy and wanted it for his brother.  They *swear* it is a vintage Heisman trophy because of the pose of the football player.  I love their enthusiasm!  Next to the shelf are their initials that I got from Michaels and sprayed with my favorite spray paint, Rustoleum Metallic Brass.


I still need a rug for the room and a hook for the hand towel by the sink, but otherwise it is good to go for my two favorite boys. 

How do you feel about shower curtains?  Decorating bathrooms?  Do you think boys are gross too?