Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Getting out of my comfort zone

Good Morning Loves!  Did you have a wonderful weekend?  We were busy around here preparing to depart for Colorado for Christmas vacation.  I cannot wait to see my sister and my nieces and nephews.  Oh and my brother-in-law too, of course, but he is chopped liver compared to my sissy.  :)

I've been busy trying to tie up some loose ends before we leave and one thing included was an e-design for a client I want to share with you.  My client, JG, has an amazingly gorgeous home with huge windows that showcase a stunning view.  Her living room was previously done in deep red, camel, brown & gold and she was ready for a change.  Her home has an open floor plan, and it is painted Sherwin Williams Safari, which we were not able to change.  Depending on the light, Safari can go from gold to green to khaki. 

Sherwin Williams Safari

Also on the keep list was her living room furniture and red oriental rug.  She has small children and hopes to get a few more years out of the current sofa and tables while accidents are still common occurrences. 

Do you notice a trend so far?  Yep, brown.  Brown walls, brown floors and brown furniture.  Brown is so NOT my signature color. 

I wanted to bring in some cool elements to contrast with the warm tones.  What better way to do that than with the ever-gorgeous Nympheus from GP & J Baker for Lee Jofa

Since her windows are so tall (175"!), we chose to add a blue banding to the bottom of the panels, adding another cool element to the space. I partnered the Nympheus with another favorite Les Touches.

Want to see how it all came together? 


This was definitely a job that pushed me to extend my comfort zone a bit since I am not a huge fan of the brown family.  But the end result is excellent!  I hope to share after pictures with you soon.
Have a great day.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tipsy eBaying

I am a tipsy eBay shopper.  Yes, you read that correctly.  When I’m tipsy (we will say "tipsy" and not "drunk" because I am a Southern lady and Southern ladies don't get "drunk"), all my sense goes straight out the window and I shop like I’m a big dog.  Reality departs, along with my budget.  One of my most recent acquisitions is 16 rolls of Nina Campbell Paradiso wallpaper. 

Nina Campbell Paradiso

While I absolutely adore this wallpaper (it is UNBELIEVABLE IN PERSON!), I have nowhere to put it.  Except maybe my closet.  Which I’ve honestly considered.  Hoarder much?
When I showed the wallpaper to a client I am designing a bedroom for, she too fell in love with it.  Selling her husband on wallpapering is difficult enough.  But wallpapering the room in bold peacocks with colorful plumes?  Tough job, I must say.  But I have faith that my client is up to the task.
To give her extra ammunition, and possibly help him “visualize” it in the space, I’ve created design boards to share with him. 

Project Paradiso 1

Their bedroom is large and features a gorgeous bed by Drexel Heritage called the Bed of Ribbons.  It is seriously gorgeous.


Drexel Heritage Bed of Ribbons

We are removing the carpet from the bedroom and are considering white oak in a herringbone pattern.


There is also a sitting area in the room, which I’ve also added to the design. 

Project Paradiso Window
I’ve shared these boards with her and she immediately fell in love.  I will be sure to keep you posted on progress with the room…and the convincing of the husband.
Do you tipsy eBay shop too?  pleasesayyespleasesayyes


Monday, December 2, 2013


Brunschwig & Fils Les Touches...Is available in wallpaper form.  Did you know?  I stumbled upon it while ordering fabric for a client.  And boy, oh boy, is it good!  I immediately ordered a sample in each color and it does not disappoint.

Want to take a look?  Of course you do, silly me.

Les Touches Black

Les Touches Blue

Les Touches Bordeaux

Les Touches Brown

Les Touches Green

Les Touches Pink

Les Touches Red

Les Touches Tan

Les Touches Aqua

Imagine the possibilities with this.  #gamechanger

It is priced by the single 6-yard roll but sold by the double 12-yard roll.  Each roll covers 36 square feet or 3.34 square meters.  Each roll is 24" wide.  Vertical repeat is 27" and the horizontal repeat is 24".

And, of course, it is available to you from House of Pemberley.  Speaking of, the site will be getting a re-design soon so please be patient.

If you are interested in purchasing, please visit the website or contact me via email kimber@houseofpemberley.com.

Have a great day!