Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sofas, Wigs and Such...

Can we talk about sofas?  Please?  Do I need to twist your arm?  Oh, you're as design-obsessed as I am?  Good...let's chat.

Quite a few years, husband and step children ago, we decided to get a new sofa.  My at the time husband (ATTH & Co for short) thought we needed a sectional to fit all of our 75,296 kids.  ATTH and I tried out a gagillion sectionals.  He, naturally, opted for overstuffed reclining.  I...did not.  We ended up with a Pottery Barn Comfort Sectional with an off-white linen slipcover.  It is a great sofa and feels like sitting on a cloud.  And I was ALL FOR the white slipcover.  Bleach came to the rescue more times than I could count.  And every time I washed it, it was like getting a new sofa all over again. 

Fast forward a few years and I find that I've traded ATTH & Co for a few dogs.  What can I say?  I'm turning into the crazy dog lady.  While the slipcover is still great, I'm kind of tired of constantly having to wash it because of grubby fingers and dog hair.  Honestly though, there is a larger problem.  And that large problem is the dogs laying on the back cushions.  They are now all smooshed and saggy.  And that smooshedness and sagginess is making me wish I had a new sofa with an attached back.  (Read:  this may just be justification for feeding my endless hunger for re-doing my home, which has turned into a revolving door when it comes to furniture.  I guess I am kind of a furniture floosy).

So, I have had new sofas on the brain.  Choosing the style sofa I want is easy.  Picking the fabric is another story.  Velvet?  Linen?  Some blend?  Dark?  Light?  Ugh.  The choices are endless.  And you know what keeps sticking in my head?  Green.  Or even chartreuse.  Dare I be that bold?  I spent a bit of time today re-creating the room to see how I would feel with a green sofa.

Living Room 2
I'm kind of digging it.  Can I get away with a green sofa, pink chairs and a blue cabinet?  You'll notice I have two different chairs shown.  One is safe.  One is sassy.  Can you guess which I am leaning toward? 
That isn't my chandelier, by the way.  Mine is actually a red twig chandelier, but I could not find any good pictures to include on the board.  Mine looks like this:
via 1stdibs
While searching for a twig chandelier I accidentally typed in "Wig Chandelier" and came across this.
You're welcome.  Seriously?  WTF?!? 
And yes, I realize that I don't have to get a new sofa...rather, I could just train my dogs to stay off the sofa.  But where's the fun in that?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Meanwhile, at #ProjectLemonade...

...Absolutely nothing has happened.  Seriously, no updates.  Except maybe that the dishes have been done.  Sometimes.  It's been a bit of a whirlwind since the start of the year and I'm hoping that things are finally settling down.  Fingers crossed. 

Let's talk about my goals for 2014. 
  • Lose 5 pounds. 
  • Get a rock hard body with minimal (read: zero) effort. 
  • Meet Alexander Skarsgard, fall madly in love and become Mrs. Skarsgard. 
  • Live happily ever after.

Seriously?!?  This man is PERFECTION

But let's get back to realistic house goals, shall we?  I would like to get started on my formal living room and office, which I have slotted for the Spring version of the One Room Challenge Linking Party (cannot wait!).  I have some b.a.d. before pictures that I will share with you soon.  Be prepared to cringe. 

In the meantime, I plan to finish my family room.  Well, not really finish as we all know that design never stops.  I guess I would just like to finally get some pillows on my sofa.  I had some.  Then changed my mind because I got a yard of this fabric.  Nicolette Day by Domesticate on Spoonflower.  It's my jam.

Nicolette Day
And I'd like to finally finish the vintage Weiman pagoda cabinets I am using as an entertainment center.  Why haven't you done so, you ask?  Well, because when I am not 100% sure of a choice, I stop.  All forward movement ceases.  I clam up and do nothing to finish the project and, normally, move on to something else.  Call it decorating ADD if you'd like.  I prefer to think of it as being choosey.  Ooh, or even patient as I wait for inspiration to strike. 

Can you believe I am showing you this picture?  Me either.

As it has been months and I have had zero epiphanies, I recently took to Instagram to ask my fantastic followers what they thought I should do the back of the pagodas.  I was given tons of options and have done a mock-up of some of my favorites.  I'd love to know what you'd choose.


Faux Tortoise:
Faux Tortoise
Well, what say you?