Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fighting The Good Fight

Good Morning!  I hope that you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend!  I have been working with a friend-turned-client to help re-create his bedroom. 

The path that we took to get to this point is a bit funny.  I was telling him about my biggest pet peeve in interior design.  Can you guess what it is?  If you guessed brown everything...bonus points for you.  Now, I'm not saying brown is a bad thing.  It is fine...In doses...And when paired with other colors. 

Brown Living Room via (see what I mean?)

I mentioned that many times when I go into prospective client's homes I notice that almost everything is brown...floors, furniture, walls, cabinetry, etc., and that when I point it out (diplomatically, of course), people really begin to see their space with a different perspective.  Well, guess what?  He immediately looked around his home and noticed brown, gave me a call and asked if we could start with his bedroom. Um...yes!!!

Growing up and living in South Alabama, my client loves to hunt and fish, but has a definite preppy side.  Keeping this in mind, I created these two rooms as a starting off point.

Option #1 details available here

Option #2 details available here

He immediately fell in love with Eric Cohler's "Antlers" fabric designed for F. Schumacher and selected the second design.  I'll be sure to post some before, in-progress and after shots soon.

Which would you have chosen?  Do all brown rooms bug you too?  If not, what is your decorating pet peeve?

I hope you have a great week.  Here's to fighting the good fight and eradicating the world of ugly brown, one room at a time.