Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Decorating Every Inch

Hello there!  I hope that you are having a great week so far!  Only a few more days until the kids are out of school.  I am super excited to be able to spend some time with them this summer.  But I also know that I will be ready for school to start again in a few weeks.  :)  

This is probably highly due to the fact that Every. Single. Inch. of the house will be messy within ten minutes of the last bell of the year.  

Speaking of every inch of the house, do you decorate every inch of yours?  I don't mean filling every flat surface with some sort of something.  I mean do you decorate the small, awkward areas?  If not, you may be missing out on something awesome!

Take these rooms via House Beautiful for instance:

image via House Beautiful
 The table and mirror in this nook by the stairs would have been a typical choice.  By simply adding a pair of large ginger jars and an umbrella holder, the space feels more posh.

image via House Beautiful

How many of us would have simply added art to this wall and nothing else?  This pink (!) settee makes a huge statement in an otherwise ho-hum area.

image via House Beautiful

I especially love this photo.  Have you ever noticed in shelter mags how a dresser or credenza is often flanked by a chair or two?  While this mirror and chest are beautiful, the addition of this chair is like adding sprinkles on a cupcake.

In the foyer of our home we have a grand bridal staircase that winds up to our second story balcony.  Gorgeous, right?  But how do you decorate that awkward space under the stairs?  Many people would likely leave the area bare.  

I say take advantage and make every inch of your home beautiful!  I added a Saarinen table and vintage wingback chair that I upholstered in Scalamandre's Leopardo and love the results.

image via my foyer

image via my foyer

How do you decorate your home?  Do you spruce up awkward areas?

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Decorating For Boys

I don't know about you, but decorating for boys can be tough.  A lot of time I see people get caught up in a "theme" because it's easy.  

Kind of like a bed in a bag.  And for the record:

Bed in a Bag = Don't

When we moved into our new home about a year ago, I asked my oldest son Rudy to come into the workroom and pick out some fabrics that he liked.  His choices were perfect representations of his personality.  

Kelly Wearstler "Bengal Bazaar" for F. Schumacher in Graphite

He chose this Bengal Bazaar fabric because it reminded him of camo.

Eric Cohler "Antlers" for Lee Jofa in Red

Rudy is truly a boy's boy so it was no surprise that he fell head over heels for Eric Cohler's Antlers fabric.  He loves playing sports, hunting and fishing.  

Black and White Houndstooth

Being from the South, college football is HUGE.  We are Alabama fans (Roll Tide!) through and through, so houndstooth was a shoe-in for Rudy's room. 

Rudy loves to read so I knew I needed to include a comfortable chair and ottoman.  I began creating a gallery wall  in his room and incorporated  special  mementos or items he liked 

that I had found while shopping.

Rudy loves that I have incorporated so many special pieces from his life.

 I have a few more things I'd like to do in his room, including an updated bed, but I'll be sure to show you everything when it's done.

How do you decorate for boys?  Do you find it easier or harder than for girls?  

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Name is Kimber and I'm a Hoarder

You know when you at long last find a product that you *love* and then suddenly everyone stops carrying it?  If you are at all into design blogs you may know exactly what I'm referring to.  If not, this is what I'm talking about.
Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint in Brass

This fabulous spray has the perfect brass finish.  Not too yellow, not too brown.  Just pure awesomeness. 

And then Lowes & Home Depot stopped carrying it. 


Knowing that they were clearancing it out, I have been on the hunt every time I am near a L or HD.  And I've always found squat.  Until yesterday!  I stumbled upon 10 cans of this goodness at the only HD in the area I hadn't tried yet. 

What was I to do?  You bet your butt I bought all ten cans.  And did not even get a second look from any of the employees.  Weren't they worried I was a Huffer?  Grafittier?  Clearly not.  And the fact that I still use terms like huffing and graffiti shows that I am *so* not cool. 

But my kids could have told you that.

Anywhoo, moving on.  Let's check out some Rustoleum Metallic Brass in action, shall we?

Here is the ever-popular and ooh'd after Ikea Vittsjo re-do by Ana Antunes

Ikea Vittsjo Ana Antunes via VT Interiors

And of course, the uber-awesome Grace Mitchell from A Storied Style recently used Rustoleum Metallic Brass on her front porch curtain rod DIY for Home Depot's Patio Style Challenge.

I cannot wait to start using my hoarded cans.  What would you use it on?