Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What I would buy if I hadn't chosen poorly

What did you give up for Lent?  This year I decided to give up iced coffee from McDonald's.  They were seriously becoming a crutch.  Plus, the calories were not helping my girlish figure. 

McDonald's McCafe

Then I decided to go all noble and give up more.  You know, because I am stupid a good girl.  So, I gave up shopping.  The F*#k, you say?  Yes, shopping.  But I did throw one caveat into the mix when making my commitment.  That caveat is the One Room Challenge, which I plan to participate in.  I'll have to buy things for it.  Totally legit, right?  I hope God understands. 

Have you noticed that when you aren't on a diet, nothing looks good?  But when you are on a diet, everything is totally tempting?  Or when you have extra money to shop with you come up empty handed?  But when you're busted, everything is awesome and you totally want it? 

Yeah, me too.

So, I thought I'd share with you the things I would buy right now if I hadn't chosen poorly in what I gave up for Lent.

First, a Midi skirt from Bel and Beau.  I'm torn between the red, green & tulle.  In fact, I really think I want one of each.


Next is the brass Decorative Tortoise Box by Nate Berkus for Target.   I've loved it all this time and never got it.  Now it's all I can do not to drive over there and make it mine.  Plus it's on clearance for $13.98.  And, in my book, anything under $20 is free. 

And if I grab him, then I totally need to get this lamp I've been lusting after as well.

And I'd better top it with this shade.
And wouldn't this table from West Elm look amazing in my house?
West Elm Gates Lacquer Side Table - Thai Blue
And don't you think I should stack a set of books on top and add these?
West Elm Lily Candle Holders
I tried *desperately* to get my sister to buy me those candle holders as a sussy.  She said no.  She's mean.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lauren's Bathroom Update

As I've mentioned before, when I start an "update" on one of the kids' rooms, I always set them free in my fabric stash (which now encompasses three rooms...I need therapy).  Whatever they pick is our starting point.  I was pleasantly surprised when Lauren selected Schumacher's Nanjing for her bathroom.  I may have even shed a proud tear.  Look at my baby growing up and picking pagodas.  *sniff*

F. Schumacher Nanjing - available through me

I also gave Lauren free reign on art.  And, because she has impeccable taste like her Mother, she selected two pagoda prints from the indescribably talented Jennifer at The Pink Pagoda.  #SmartGirl

Just as I did in the boys' bathroom, I made two side curtains and a cornice for Lauren's bathroom. 

Okay, okay, I'll stop talking and just get to the pretty pictures.

I must apologize for the bad lighting.  I did the best I could, but it is an interior room with zero natural light. 

Sources are as follows:

Shower Curtain & Cornice - F. Schumacher Nanjing in Smoke
Towel Bar - Custom by House of Pemberley (blog post coming soon)
Rug - Thrifted
Towels -Waterford
Pagoda Prints - The Pink Pagoda
Frames - Hobby Lobby
Praying Hands Soap Dish - Vintage
Pagoda Shelf - Two's Company
Brass Faux Bamboo Tray - Vintage
Gold Vanity Tray - Lunares Home
Faux Bamboo Mirror - Vintage
Pagoda Sconce - Visual Comfort (available through me)
I think my girl is happy, which is all that really matters.  Someday I want to replace the tile.  And the shower.  And the marble.  But for now, it's lipstick on a pig.  And it's a pretty darn cute pig, if I do say so myself.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Let's catch up, shall we?

I am so sorry for the radio silence.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks at work.  And when I'm not at work I've been watching a lot of this.

Go Club Bomba Volleyball!

I'm that girl's biggest fan and I love watching her play.  But these weekend-long tournaments that make me get up at 5:00AM are for the birds. 

In other news, a few weekends ago I found myself without children for an entire day.  I was bored.  It was awesome.  So, I cleaned and fluffed the house.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day...70 degrees, windows open, music playing.  Then I decided that I wasn't going to waste it inside so I decided to sit on my back porch and soak up the sun with the dogs. 

A friend of mine was supposed to come over the night before but had to cancel.  In anticipation of her visit, I had purchased a bottle of wine for me (that I had already finished night before...shh!) and her a six pack of hard cider.  So, I figured I'd drink one of her ciders while on the porch.  It went down really easily, which is saying a lot because I'm not normally a beer/cider girl.  So then I had another.  And another.  It was hot, y'all. 

Somewhere along the way (technically after beer 1 when I wasn't tipsy but was definitely relaxed) I decided it would be a good idea to dye my hair.  Normally I have red hair, but in my inebriated, sunshine-filled state, I decided that brown was the way to go.  Then I *may* have finished off a couple more.

Yes, I realize I need lipstick and botox

It's...different.  I'm adjusting.  Of course the red is starting to come through as it has been washed multiple times since.  Funny part of the story is that the next day I went into the bathroom in search of Advil and my bathroom looked like something had died (dyed!) in there.  There was hair dye EVERYWHERE!  On the floor.  On the counter.  In the sink.  On the walls.  So bad that touch-up paint was required. When I went to work on Monday everyone asked me why I did it.  My only response?  That it seemed like a good idea at the time.  So, PSA:  If you find yourself sitting in the beautiful afternoon sun drinking beer with your dogs and suddenly get the urge to dye your hair...RESIST!

Speaking of bathrooms, there has been some progress at #ProjectLemonade lately.  I have been working on Lauren's bathroom.  I finally got around to doing a DIY Lucite & Brass towel bar and hanging some fabulous art from Jennifer at The Pink Pagoda.  I plan to photograph the room and share the DIY soon.  Well, as soon as I can get some certain teenager to clean her bathroom.  Y'all may be waiting a long time. 

Oh!  I am looking for some appliqued monogram towels for her bathroom.  I found the perfect pair at BellaLino until I looked at the price.  $680 for the pair?  No thank you!  So, if y'all know of a more *reasonable* place to find some, do share.
Applique Monogram Towels
Hope you have a great afternoon!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Friday, Y'all.

It's Friday and I am so excited I feel like singing.  Kinda like this guy.

You're welcome. 

And in the spirit of true randomness, let's talk about Fabric Friday.  How about some Chiang Mai Dragon? 

I have two pieces 1.75 yards each of F. Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon in China Blue.  $200 per piece ($115 per yard).  Email me for deets.
trololololololo, bitches.  (Sorry Mama, but I had to)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bass Pro Shops

Odd title for a design blog post, is it not?  Yesterday, I decided to design a room from one catalog and asked if you would like to see any other catalogs done.  A dear friend of mine, and fellow smart ass, said Yes!  Bass Pro Shops.  Well, this girl is up for any challenge. 

Welcome to my Bass Pro Shops living room.  Yes, everything here is available at BPS. 

Bass Pro Shop 
While it may not be my most favorite room ever, I was honestly pleasantly surprised by a few of the offerings.  First, the art is gorgeous.  Take a closer look.
Big Sky Carvers

Big Sky Carvers
Big Sky Carvers
Big Sky Carvers
The colors are beautiful.  Honestly, I really, really like this art. 
I was also pleasantly surprised by a couple other pieces I found as well.
Kalalou Round Mirror

Woolrich Fern Pillow

Big Horn Sheep Lamp

IMAX Farlane Lamp

Woolrich Williamsport Pillow


Cimmaron Pillow

Perched Pheasant Lamp
I have not seen any of these things in person, but this smarty-pants challenge that I was issued has certainly opened my eyes.  I guess I should keep an open mind from now on.  Well done, Bass Pro Shops.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ballard Designs

I have been child-less for the last few nights.  I'd like to say that I got a lot done at the house (I didn't) or that I really tied one on (I certainly didn't).  What I did do was watch a lot of this:


Seriously addicting, folks.  I cannot recommend it enough.  In between binge watching House of Cards and gold leafing my garage sale find, I also perused a lot of catalogs that were lying around the house.  In doing so, I thought it might be fun to pick a catalog and design a room entirely from that store.  I know, I know.  This isn't a "curated" look that we all love; but, I still think that if you are selective, you can still achieve a layered look. 

For this round I chose Ballard Designs.  I am really enjoying the new direction that Ballard seems to be taking...a little more modern and a little more color.

I started this design with this Belize fabric from their fabric by the yard offerings.  It immediately caught my eye because of its fun apricot color.


Then I built the room around it.  Although it is a little less impactful than my designs normally are, I still think there is an effortless sophistication to this room that makes it timeless.

Ballard Room

So, what do you think of the room?  Would you like for me to do another catalog/store? 


Monday, March 3, 2014

Bargains and Blue & White

This Saturday I drove up to McDonald's to get my daily fix of iced coffee (I'm an addict) and noticed a yard sale sign on my way home.  My neighborhood is shaped like a U and only has about 40 houses in it.  We have one house in my 'hood that is for sale, so I decided to drive by to be nosey see if it was that family that was having the sale.  When I did, I saw something that stopped me in my tracks.  That something was a Louis Phillipe mirror.

I sped drove home, grabbed some cash and immediately walked down to check it out.  (Okay, I'll be honest, I had to change out of my pajamas first.  Yes, yes, I went to McDonald's in my PJs.  Don't judge.  Or judge if you want to, but I don't care.  I had a bra on so it technically was like an outfit.  End Oversharing).  I had no idea how much she would want for the mirror, so I took about $50 with me, still thinking it would be a score.  When I got there, I saw something just like this:

via LGN

It was in great condition and was a really good size.  I asked the nice lady what she wanted for it and she said...$5.  SOLD. 

If you follow me on Instagram, I shared a sneak peek of my yard sale find.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this beauty and, since I was dressed, went to the store immediately to get my supplies.

Decisions.  Decisions.  After getting what I needed, I went home and got to work.  First step, a good cleaning.  Second step, a red undercoat.

When it was nice and dry, I brought the mirror inside and began the gold leafing process. 

As you can see from the mountain of unfolded laundry in the background of this photo, my priorities are totally in line.  When I was done, I put her up on the mantle and fell absolutely in love.    She is perfection.


I have not yet decided on how I want to decorate the mantle yet.  That is one of the toughest places for me to do and be satisfied.  And that is the key, I think...being satisfied. 

I played around with some design boards to see what I like best.

Mantle 2

Do you like a pair of topiaries?  Clean and classic?

Mantle 2

Or do you prefer mixing in my favorite blue & white?  Please help me decide.

Linking up to Jennifer at The Pink Pagoda's Blue & White Bash