Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What I would buy if I hadn't chosen poorly

What did you give up for Lent?  This year I decided to give up iced coffee from McDonald's.  They were seriously becoming a crutch.  Plus, the calories were not helping my girlish figure. 

McDonald's McCafe

Then I decided to go all noble and give up more.  You know, because I am stupid a good girl.  So, I gave up shopping.  The F*#k, you say?  Yes, shopping.  But I did throw one caveat into the mix when making my commitment.  That caveat is the One Room Challenge, which I plan to participate in.  I'll have to buy things for it.  Totally legit, right?  I hope God understands. 

Have you noticed that when you aren't on a diet, nothing looks good?  But when you are on a diet, everything is totally tempting?  Or when you have extra money to shop with you come up empty handed?  But when you're busted, everything is awesome and you totally want it? 

Yeah, me too.

So, I thought I'd share with you the things I would buy right now if I hadn't chosen poorly in what I gave up for Lent.

First, a Midi skirt from Bel and Beau.  I'm torn between the red, green & tulle.  In fact, I really think I want one of each.


Next is the brass Decorative Tortoise Box by Nate Berkus for Target.   I've loved it all this time and never got it.  Now it's all I can do not to drive over there and make it mine.  Plus it's on clearance for $13.98.  And, in my book, anything under $20 is free. 

And if I grab him, then I totally need to get this lamp I've been lusting after as well.

And I'd better top it with this shade.
And wouldn't this table from West Elm look amazing in my house?
West Elm Gates Lacquer Side Table - Thai Blue
And don't you think I should stack a set of books on top and add these?
West Elm Lily Candle Holders
I tried *desperately* to get my sister to buy me those candle holders as a sussy.  She said no.  She's mean.


  1. I gave up shopping too. We're both crazy. And what's even crazier is that now I stalk all my favorite shops even more than before! But I'm doing the one room challenge as well, and it's a total exception :)

  2. It's seriously always happens! Amazing picks!

  3. What....a shopping ban. AYFC girl ? I applaud your strength.