Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lauren's Bathroom Update

As I've mentioned before, when I start an "update" on one of the kids' rooms, I always set them free in my fabric stash (which now encompasses three rooms...I need therapy).  Whatever they pick is our starting point.  I was pleasantly surprised when Lauren selected Schumacher's Nanjing for her bathroom.  I may have even shed a proud tear.  Look at my baby growing up and picking pagodas.  *sniff*

F. Schumacher Nanjing - available through me

I also gave Lauren free reign on art.  And, because she has impeccable taste like her Mother, she selected two pagoda prints from the indescribably talented Jennifer at The Pink Pagoda.  #SmartGirl

Just as I did in the boys' bathroom, I made two side curtains and a cornice for Lauren's bathroom. 

Okay, okay, I'll stop talking and just get to the pretty pictures.

I must apologize for the bad lighting.  I did the best I could, but it is an interior room with zero natural light. 

Sources are as follows:

Shower Curtain & Cornice - F. Schumacher Nanjing in Smoke
Towel Bar - Custom by House of Pemberley (blog post coming soon)
Rug - Thrifted
Towels -Waterford
Pagoda Prints - The Pink Pagoda
Frames - Hobby Lobby
Praying Hands Soap Dish - Vintage
Pagoda Shelf - Two's Company
Brass Faux Bamboo Tray - Vintage
Gold Vanity Tray - Lunares Home
Faux Bamboo Mirror - Vintage
Pagoda Sconce - Visual Comfort (available through me)
I think my girl is happy, which is all that really matters.  Someday I want to replace the tile.  And the shower.  And the marble.  But for now, it's lipstick on a pig.  And it's a pretty darn cute pig, if I do say so myself.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful bathroom. She should be happy, because you definitely put love in all the details. Dying over that towel bar and mirror.

  2. Love this bathroom!!!!! Your daughter has great taste (and a talented momma). Can't wait to hear more about that gorgeous towel bar and could you tell me how you hang your shower curtains and valance (love the idea!!)?

  3. You have one sophisticated girl who in combination with her Mom helped create a stunning bath. Great job you two, what's up next?!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Kimber!!! Truly, her style is sophisticated and oh-so chic!

  5. You've trained her well my friend, it looks great! I'm madly in love with that mirror.

  6. Oh Kimber it's just beautiful - as I've come to expect from you. And now your little girl is part of this magic too?! It just doesn't get any better. I absolutely love it - hard to pick a favorite element because I love it all. Well done ladies!

  7. Absolutely fantastic! I love the pagodas and the black and white. How fun to add whatever color you want in there for accessories. This is so sophisticated and youve had a remarkable influence on your daughter! Happy weekend. xo Nancy

  8. That is just fantastic! I love the pagodas and everything about it!

  9. LOVE that did a great job and the hell you better share the towel bar gig!