Wednesday, October 18, 2017

One Room Challenge - Laundry Room Redo - Week 3

I shuddered when I typed that 3 in the title, I'm not going to lie.  How can it already be Week Three and I have not painted a. single. thing.?  How is that possible?  How will I finish?  Will it look great or will it look like my kitchen that time that I painted it tan without really understanding paint undertones and my entire kitchen looked like vomit?  These are the questions I ask myself as I lie in bed sleepless every evening.  

Where are my manners?  Welcome to Week Three of the One Room Challenge, a wonderful event hosted by Linda from Calling it Home where Featured Designers are invited to completely redo a room in six weeks.  Linda is kind enough to allow Guest Participants join in the fun as well, which I have chosen to do.  A wise choice?  That is still undecided.  

For this ORC, I have strong-armed encouraged my mama to say goodbye to her dated laundry room and join us in the year 2017.  

Last week I showed you the various wallpapers that we were considering for the space.  I got a sample of Thibaut Tanzania and Brunschwig & Fils Les Touches.  Both are spectacular, but the Les Touches is 5x the cost of the Tanzania, and since we need 9 double rolls, we went with it.  Let's be real here - we will end up spending that money somewhere...let's just call it budget redistribution.

Speaking of budget, have you shopped for cabinet hardware lately?  There are SO MANY amazing options which I shared with Mama, confident that she would love them too.  And love them she did, until she counted how many she will need (26) and did stupid math and realized the money she would save from the wallpaper would be spent on handles.  For the laundry room.  She quickly told me that I needed to find something within the $3.00 range and to check the big box stores.  I laughed out loud then told her that we wouldn't find anything decent for less than $6 - even at the retail giants.  Then I may have told her, "Welcome to the 90's, Mr. Banks."  If you get that reference, you're my people.  After some skillful negotiating on my part, I got the budget increased to $7.69 (rando) and quickly fell in love with this one.

Classical Revival Drawer Pull

And equally as quickly realized that it does not come in the size we need, so I was back to searching. And let's be honest, my eyes were crossing from looking at 1,293 handles in my budget, like these -

Woof.  No offense if you have those and love them, they just aren't the look I am going for.  I was not about to give up, I would persevere!  I expanded my search and came across these lucite and brass pulls, which Mama loved.  I ordered them very quickly before she could change her mind.  What of the budget, you ask?  I was $12.00 over (shipping).  Boom. 

Lucite Handles

Now that we have selected a wallpaper, we can finally get around to choosing a paint color.  We have it narrowed down to Ocean Abyss or Walk Me Home, both by Behr.

Ocean Abyss

Walk Me Home

They're pretty great, yes?  I am leaning toward the bolder Ocean Abyss, but will wait until I have samples in the room before deciding.  See how I have matured?  No more vomit-colored walls for me. 

Please be sure to come back next week to see which color we chose - and if we have paint on the cabinets yet.  In the meantime, be sure to check out the Featured Designers and the other Guest Participants.  Also, you can see my other ORC rooms - bedroom, bathroom, laundry room.  Have a great week!


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

One Room Challenge - Laundry Room Redo - Week Two

Hello and welcome to the second week of the One Room Challenge.  If you're new here, thank you for joining me as I attempt to redo my mama's laundry room.  Last week, I showed the space, including the sheetrock repair from damage sustained by Hurricane Katrina.  Speaking of hurricanes, Nate paid us a visit...and let me just say, he is kind of a jerk.


Thankfully, we did not sustain devastating losses like others have this hurricane season.  God bless everyone that has.

When not preparing for the storm, seriously everything can be considered a projectile in 100mph winds, I have been trying to prepare for some laundry room goodness.  My Mama and Daddy retired last year and have spent the past few months traveling, so all of our design decisions have been made remote (which doesn't hurt my feelings since I may have a few surprises up my sleeve).

The design plan started with this gorgeous Designers Guild fabric.

Designers Guild Chinoiserie Garden

It's a gorgeous, vibrant fabric with watercolor florals and chinoiserie details.  What's not to love, right?  We originally planned on painting the walls white and the cabinets and trim a dark teal, like this:

But it feels kind of flat, yes?  I need something besides the fabric that unifies the space.  The logical answer was wallpaper.  Which leads me to these three options.  I am waiting on two more samples and will then make my final decision.  I have a favorite, but I am not telling yet.

Finalizing the paint depends on the wallpaper selected, so we are at a bit of a standstill; however, we are making other buying decisions and I feel fairly confident that we are in a good place (said every ORC'er ever during Week Two).  I may be singing a different song next week.  Until then, please be sure to check out the Featured ORC Designers and also all of the Guest Designers.  And, thank you so much to Linda from Calling it Home for creating this wonderful event. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

One Room Challenge - Laundry Room Redo - Week One

Hello and Welcome!  If you are new around here, my name is Kimber - I'm a southern gal from Mobile, Alabama and I love football, colorful interiors, and my dogs.  My kids are pretty great too.

I am excited, and a bit petrified, to be participating in Linda's One Room Challenge as a Guest Participant.  This will be my fourth (!!!) ORC, but the first where I am not doing a room in my own home.  You can see my bedroom makeover here, my laundry room makeover here, and my master bathroom makeover here.

For this ORC, I have decided to force help my mama makeover her laundry room.  She is blessed to have a laundry room that is really large, has lots of light, new floors, granite counters, and a utility sink.  What's there to makeover, right?  Oh, just you wait.

My parents built their home in 2000 and the laundry room has not been touched since then.

Mauve paint (because Mama's cullahs were Blush and Bashful)?  Check. 

Oak cabinets?  Check.

See that pig in the upper left corner?  I made that when I was in HS - 22 years ago.

Itty bitty cabinets above the washer and dryer that serve absolutely no purpose but my mama is bound and determined to keep?  Check.

Hurricane Katrina damage?  Check.  Wait, what?  Yes, as in that Hurricane Katrina - the one that hit in August of 2005!

As you can see, there's a lot of work to do.  And no, that bright green paint will not be staying.  Here's the plan, so far:

  • Paint cabinets, walls, ceiling, trim, and anything else I see fit
  • Replace pulls
  • Replace light fixture
  • Replace clothes hanging bar
  • Sneak and remove the cabinets above the washer and dryer
  • Upholster sewing chair
  • Make window treatments
  • Find a fabulous rug
  • Convince Mama to spend big $$$ on wallpaper
  • All the other pretty things I'm sure I am forgetting
 Be sure to come back next week to see what I have up my sleeve.  Also, please be sure to support all of the ORC Featured Designers and ORC Guest Participants at Calling it Home.

Thank you,

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Monogrammed Linens - At a Discount

Do you love the look of monogrammed linens as much as I do?  What used to be considered a Southern tradition is now being seen far north of the Mason-Dixon Line.  One of my favorite Southerners and a true style icon, Reese Witherspoon said it best, "My sheets are monogrammed, so is my silverware and pretty much everything else I own.  My rule is, if it's not moving - monogram it!"

 If you love the look of gorgeous embroidered linens, but do not want to pay the exorbitant prices that are typically associated, I highly recommend CalicoDaisy Handmade.  I have worked with Michele on a few projects and am pleased as punch with each piece I have received.  

The quality of her work combined with her fair prices and keen eye make Michele a dream to work with.  CalicoDaisy Handmade has offered House of Pemberley readers a 10% discount on any order of $50 or more until June 30th.  Simply use coupon code PEMBERLEYJUNE2016 when checking out on her site for the discount.

Wedding season is right around the corner and what could be a better gift than personalized linens? Go forth and monogram!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Decorating ADD

Hello and Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you for all of the kind comments regarding my master bathroom update.  We are loving it!  And thank you again to Linda from Calling It Home for hosting the One Room Challenge.

I have finally recovered from the ORC and am getting around to cleaning my house and doing the eleven billion loads of laundry...just kidding, it's still a mess.  What I HAVE been doing is obsessing about my living room.  You know how sometimes you get the feeling that something just isn't right with a space...and it drives you bonkers?  Well, my living room has been doing exactly that for quite some time.  I have rearranged furniture, layered a rug, changed lighting, and added blue & white (because we all know that can cure many a problem); yet, nothing satisfies me.  Is it the paint?  Is it the curtains?  What is WRONG?  What should I DO?  My mama would say, "Nothing, it's fine, no more projects.  Now, clean your house."  And she would be right (as usual); however, we are going to ignore her (as usual) and figure out what this room needs (besides to be cleaned).

You'll notice that I did a mock-up of the room rather than showing you current photos (see haven't cleaned my house above). 

I leave it to you, dearest design enthusiasts...what does this room need?  What should I keep?  What should I change? 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

One Room Challenge - The Reveal

Week six of the One Room Challenge is easily the most eagerly anticipated event of the season.  Little else compares with clicking through the links and seeing the stunning transformations.

In case this is your first visit, during week one I shared my dirty little secret...a messy, blank canvas of a bathroom that I never felt inspired to tackle.  


After six weeks of projects (one, two, three, four, five), both large and small, I am so pleased with how it turned out.  It is my pleasure to virtually welcome you to my home, courtesy of the gorgeous photos by Britta Rivera Photography.


Huge thanks to my Mama, my biggest fan.  I'd also like to thank Britta Rivera Photography for beautifully capturing the room.  And, finally, thank you to Linda from Calling It Home for hosting the challenge.

Sources are listed below; however, if I've missed something, please do not hesitate to ask!

Wall Paint - Benjamin Moore First Snowfall
Vanity Paint - Farrow & Ball Tanner's Brown
Sconces - Lighting Craftman, NYC
Cabinet Hardware - Rejuvenation Hardware Hexagon Knob & Kanota Pull
Rug - Pottery Barn Elham
Roman Shade Fabric - Lee Jofa Chinese Lantern, available through me
Roman Shade Trim - M&J Trimming
Mirrors - Horchow Mulan 
Chandelier - Antique
Wallpaper Panel - Custom from In Grand Design on eBay 
Monogrammed Towels - Calicodaisy Handmade with trim from M&J Trimming
Art - Vintage
Blue & White - Vintage