Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bass Pro Shops

Odd title for a design blog post, is it not?  Yesterday, I decided to design a room from one catalog and asked if you would like to see any other catalogs done.  A dear friend of mine, and fellow smart ass, said Yes!  Bass Pro Shops.  Well, this girl is up for any challenge. 

Welcome to my Bass Pro Shops living room.  Yes, everything here is available at BPS. 

Bass Pro Shop 
While it may not be my most favorite room ever, I was honestly pleasantly surprised by a few of the offerings.  First, the art is gorgeous.  Take a closer look.
Big Sky Carvers

Big Sky Carvers
Big Sky Carvers
Big Sky Carvers
The colors are beautiful.  Honestly, I really, really like this art. 
I was also pleasantly surprised by a couple other pieces I found as well.
Kalalou Round Mirror

Woolrich Fern Pillow

Big Horn Sheep Lamp

IMAX Farlane Lamp

Woolrich Williamsport Pillow


Cimmaron Pillow

Perched Pheasant Lamp
I have not seen any of these things in person, but this smarty-pants challenge that I was issued has certainly opened my eyes.  I guess I should keep an open mind from now on.  Well done, Bass Pro Shops.



  1. This made me laugh! My husband is a huge fisherman and we always joke about those catalogs. His mom went and decorated a whole bedroom with a fly fishing theme, bedspread included! At least these items are pretty! I actually really love those lamps!