Monday, May 20, 2013

Decorating For Boys

I don't know about you, but decorating for boys can be tough.  A lot of time I see people get caught up in a "theme" because it's easy.  

Kind of like a bed in a bag.  And for the record:

Bed in a Bag = Don't

When we moved into our new home about a year ago, I asked my oldest son Rudy to come into the workroom and pick out some fabrics that he liked.  His choices were perfect representations of his personality.  

Kelly Wearstler "Bengal Bazaar" for F. Schumacher in Graphite

He chose this Bengal Bazaar fabric because it reminded him of camo.

Eric Cohler "Antlers" for Lee Jofa in Red

Rudy is truly a boy's boy so it was no surprise that he fell head over heels for Eric Cohler's Antlers fabric.  He loves playing sports, hunting and fishing.  

Black and White Houndstooth

Being from the South, college football is HUGE.  We are Alabama fans (Roll Tide!) through and through, so houndstooth was a shoe-in for Rudy's room. 

Rudy loves to read so I knew I needed to include a comfortable chair and ottoman.  I began creating a gallery wall  in his room and incorporated  special  mementos or items he liked 

that I had found while shopping.

Rudy loves that I have incorporated so many special pieces from his life.

 I have a few more things I'd like to do in his room, including an updated bed, but I'll be sure to show you everything when it's done.

How do you decorate for boys?  Do you find it easier or harder than for girls?  

If you need help designing a room in your home, HoP offers e*design and in-home decorating services.  Contact me for details.




  1. I have 2 girls and have only designed boys rooms for babies/nurseries. I know it would be tough for me because I love to girlify! Love that gray on the walls - thinking of something similar for my lr/dr combo that gets zero natural light.

    PS - Email me - I can't seem to get my emails to you to go through!!!



  2. I think Rudy's room is one of my favorites! Seeing that chair makes me WANT to sit and read awhile! So what about the other fabrics? Where did you put them?