Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tipsy eBaying

I am a tipsy eBay shopper.  Yes, you read that correctly.  When I’m tipsy (we will say "tipsy" and not "drunk" because I am a Southern lady and Southern ladies don't get "drunk"), all my sense goes straight out the window and I shop like I’m a big dog.  Reality departs, along with my budget.  One of my most recent acquisitions is 16 rolls of Nina Campbell Paradiso wallpaper. 

Nina Campbell Paradiso

While I absolutely adore this wallpaper (it is UNBELIEVABLE IN PERSON!), I have nowhere to put it.  Except maybe my closet.  Which I’ve honestly considered.  Hoarder much?
When I showed the wallpaper to a client I am designing a bedroom for, she too fell in love with it.  Selling her husband on wallpapering is difficult enough.  But wallpapering the room in bold peacocks with colorful plumes?  Tough job, I must say.  But I have faith that my client is up to the task.
To give her extra ammunition, and possibly help him “visualize” it in the space, I’ve created design boards to share with him. 

Project Paradiso 1

Their bedroom is large and features a gorgeous bed by Drexel Heritage called the Bed of Ribbons.  It is seriously gorgeous.


Drexel Heritage Bed of Ribbons

We are removing the carpet from the bedroom and are considering white oak in a herringbone pattern.


There is also a sitting area in the room, which I’ve also added to the design. 

Project Paradiso Window
I’ve shared these boards with her and she immediately fell in love.  I will be sure to keep you posted on progress with the room…and the convincing of the husband.
Do you tipsy eBay shop too?  pleasesayyespleasesayyes



  1. Well, at least you still have amazing taste while tipsy! That bed screams for that wallpaper so my vote is for convincing the husband. I know I have read something before about letting a woman choose the decor in the bedroom because if she feels beautiful then she is more likely to feel "romantic." If that doesn't work, though, I wouldn't mind buying a roll from you for the right price!

  2. I'm a tipsy iTunes buyer, as is evident by some of the songs I have on my phone. Fab wallpaper and boards.

  3. good luck to you all. as a shop owner i constantly hear the refrain " it's not manly enough, what does it do, we don't need that......"

    just went to my first live auction and behaved like an heiress, dangerous!

  4. Kimber, you're hilarious. These rooms are going to be amazing, and I love that your client went for it! That bed...dear God. Stunning. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  5. Of course I shop on Ebay while under the influence. The last time I checked, that was totally legal. However, I tend to put things on my watch list first. Now if you want to talk Amazon....I definitely have a problem. Love the wallpaper and hope it's a 'yes'.

  6. I am guilty of the same but I think you are better at it than me. That wallpaper!!!

  7. Truth be told, YES! And I so enjoy it. Excellent score on the wallpaper. I used wallpaper in a closet and it's now my favorite place to use it. All my other closets feel naked. Jump over to my blog and take a peek!
    I'd love to see a photo when it's up. Amazing color way.

  8. Oh I hope she convinces him. You've created such a gorgeous space for them Kimber!!

  9. What is the source of those white chairs? I love them