Friday, May 27, 2016

Decorating ADD

Hello and Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you for all of the kind comments regarding my master bathroom update.  We are loving it!  And thank you again to Linda from Calling It Home for hosting the One Room Challenge.

I have finally recovered from the ORC and am getting around to cleaning my house and doing the eleven billion loads of laundry...just kidding, it's still a mess.  What I HAVE been doing is obsessing about my living room.  You know how sometimes you get the feeling that something just isn't right with a space...and it drives you bonkers?  Well, my living room has been doing exactly that for quite some time.  I have rearranged furniture, layered a rug, changed lighting, and added blue & white (because we all know that can cure many a problem); yet, nothing satisfies me.  Is it the paint?  Is it the curtains?  What is WRONG?  What should I DO?  My mama would say, "Nothing, it's fine, no more projects.  Now, clean your house."  And she would be right (as usual); however, we are going to ignore her (as usual) and figure out what this room needs (besides to be cleaned).

You'll notice that I did a mock-up of the room rather than showing you current photos (see haven't cleaned my house above). 

I leave it to you, dearest design enthusiasts...what does this room need?  What should I keep?  What should I change? 

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