Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Decorating Every Inch...Again

Hey Y'all.  The other day I posted about the importance of Decorating Every Inch of your home.  Someone commented that she wanted to see what was under the other side of the bridal staircase.

Here is the side I recently shared with the table and Leopardo chair.  This side is open to the dining room.  

*Let's talk about the dining room for a minute...I'm thinking that the chairs may need to be a different color.  Don't they look kind of dark here?  I keep dreaming about them being a creamy white.*

The other side is against a wall and is the perfect place to put a large credenza I have.  

So, there you have it.  A little peek at what's under the other side of the stairway.




  1. Let's just say I aspire to live up to the name of this post. Miles to go, but I'm committed. Good thing I have a little house.

  2. Im committed to, except my inch keeps changing! I think Im done with a space, then my addiction gets me in trouble again. I have so far to go with a few rooms, but that keeps it exciting! Waiting for a son to get his apartment, then the floodgates open once his stuff is gone!
    xo Nancy