Thursday, June 27, 2013

#ProjectLemonade Entryway

Hello Lovelies!  How is your week going so far?  I am very excited that it is almost the weekend!
Yesterday afternoon demo started on the flooring in the new(old) house and I snapped some pictures before they started.  As soon as the new flooring is installed, the kids and I can start moving.
  I.  Hate.  Moving.  (As I'm sure most do). 
But this time I plan to move differently.  I am going to decrapify in the process. 
Is that a word?  It is now. 
I am not allowing anything into the house that isn't useful or needed.  Because, honestly, I have boxes still unpacked from like three moves ago.  Do I really need whatever is in those boxes?  I think not.
Anywhoo, back to the entryway.  Unlike the huge house, I did not use a ton of color in the new(old) house.  I'm sure subliminally I chose a ton of white because it is clean.  Clean house.  Clean slate.
My thinking in doing so was that I could use it as a backdrop and add color through textiles and furniture and accessories.  That and the fact that we spent 15 days straight painting and I never want to pick up another paint brush again.  It's much easier to change a pillow than a wall, right?
I painted the house Behr's Parchment Paper.  Behr from The Home Depot is the best paint out there (well other than Farrow & Ball but that rings in at about $75 a gallon) by far and I won't paint with anything else.  And I've tried them all.  I did flat enamel on the walls and high gloss on the trim.
Welcome to #ProjectLemonade.  Come on in y'all.

We are standing in the foyer directly in front of the doors.  To the right is the dining room, the left is the study/formal living room.  Down that long hall is the family room.  Kelly Wearstler's iconic Imperial Trellis wallpaper was installed prior to us moving.  The tenants did a bit of damage to it (bastards!) but I think that my wallpaper whisperer can fix it.

View of front doors from hall


Study/Formal Living Room

Study looking into dining room

Dining room that I'll be using as my office/sewing room

I've got big plans for the tray ceiling up there, which begins with a gorgeous new chandelier.

So, what do you think about the entryway?  What do you think about white walls?  Do you decrapify when you move or do the traditional stuff dump?




  1. I commented before...but not sure where it went...I guess blog comment land! I think Project Lemonade is coming along very nicely! Not sure abou the spider light fixtures yet but they may grow on me! LOL as far as decrapifying.....I agree! I think it is a great plan to get rid of the crap that is no longer needed...seems to me you have already started that process! Oops...did I type that outloud? LOL If/when I move again....I am going to spend some serious time getting rid of crap also...but in the next breath I have decided that I would like a "crap room". The room I am wanting has nothing to do with bodily functions. It is a room specifically engined for all of the shit...excuse my French....that I seem to not be able to live know the shit I am talking about....? Wrapping paper, arts and crafts supplies, party decor....etc. and of course in this crap room....all the totes are going to be labelled and super organized. A place for everything and everything in its place!!!!!

  2. I love your entryway. Those fronts doors, the wallpaper and the molding. Lovely. And I'm with you, lately I've been wanting to paint everything white. Very odd...for me.

  3. I think the less stuff the better. This is time to reinvent yourself and really create a style for the new life and home you'll put together at Project Lemonade. I like white walls myself, or strangely enough, dark walls. Gorgeous wallpaper!

  4. Shut up! Your home is amazing, and I love the white with the wallpaper. I have wallpaper envy over that. This is going to be amazing, and your office is huge. I am with you on the moving and not bringing anything in that isn't useful. I have stuff from a few moves ago, too.