Friday, April 18, 2014

One Room Challenge - Week Three

Hello Y'all.  I am sorry I am so late to the party.  I traveled all week for work and then flew on Thursday across the country to visit my sister and nieces and nephews for Easter.  I meant to post yesterday (Linda, I suck, I know...I am so sorry) but I was busy with this girl.

Anywhoo, welcome to the One Room Challenge Linking Event.  Unfamiliar with how this challenge works?  You can catch up Week One here and Week Two here
So, week three of the challenge has been...challenging.  There are many, many things that I am good at when it comes to home improvement.  Armed with a good attitude and my Master's Degree from Google University, I can pretty much accomplish anything.  Plumbing?  Check.  Electrical?  Done.  Tile work?  Easy.  Mudding sheetrock?  Epic fail.  Seriously, I suck.  Bad. 

Before leaving for Easter break, I knew I needed to remove and replace the tile flooring, hang new sheetrock and prep the walls for their moulding treatment and wallpaper.  Guess how much got done?  Not much. 

The cut tiles from where the walls used to be were removed and coordinating craptastic tile was sourced and purchased.  For the bargain price of $.98 a square foot.  Wonder why it was on closeout?  Uh, maybe because it is ugly?  Yeah, that's definitely why. 

New sheetrock was cut and hung (by yours truly, with many, many, many curse words uttered...just sayin) and I began taping and mudding the seams.  I got about 1/25 of the way done and realized that it just isn't my forte.  I never could ice a cake very well either.  Maybe I should have known.  So...I tearily had to call in reinforcements aka Mom and Dad. They came to the rescue and began working on the seams the day before I had to fly out. 

So as not to leave you with nothing pretty to look at, I promise some progress has been made.  For instance, I have sourced the following.  I will leave it up to you to decide where and how I plan to use it all.


Benjamin Moore Warm Springs
Be sure to check out how much cooler and further along the other #OneRoomChallenge Linking participants are.  Oh and totally check out the legit One Room Challenge participants.  To say they are amazing is an understatement. 

Until next week.  Hope you have a Happy Easter. 


  1. Progress is not always pretty, but it paves the way for pretty! I know this space is going to rock, so enjoy your time with family and don't sweat it!

  2. Aww Kimber! I feel for you. Hanging up drywall and sanding it is definitely not easy...but I can't believe you actually cut and hung it yourself! Thats awesome. I found that to be hard (then again I'm not very good as measuring things....) Cant wait to see what your going to do with the above pictures!

  3. Keep your chin up! I know the end result will be fab. Thank goodness for parents who can help a mother out!xx

  4. Oh, finishing sheet rock is brutal. I have never attempted this myself nor will I ever, but the husband winces every time this task rears its ugly head. Nice that your folks are there to pitch in. No idea what you're doing with what you showed us today but I am looking forward to seeing that Warm Springs in situation!

  5. Oh that sucks. Thank God for a trip to CO and Mom and Dad! Or I should say your Mom and Dad because my parents don't have a handy bone in their combined bodies. Hope you make great progress this week. I was planning on skimming my wall to do my wallpaper but today I've resorted to frantically calling any recommendation I can find to come to it!
    Good luck!!!
    Tricia // Suburban Bitches