Thursday, April 28, 2016

One Room Challenge - Week Four

Week Four of the One Room Challenge is the equivalent of hell week.  Or the second week of a diet (because the first week I am typically steadfast and resolute).  Or that one week each cycle lovingly bestowed on of-age females worldwide.  In other words, week four is what makes you question your sanity (again), drink heavily (who are we kidding?  we have been drinking heavily throughout this challenge), and acknowledge...gulp...that you have two weeks until the reveal.  

If you would like to read about a time when I wasn't hopped up on caffeine and stress, you can read about Week One, Week Two, or Week Three.

This week crown has been hung


 A wall color has been selected (it's blue...or is it black?)

A cabinet has been painted

The inside of the cabinet has been given some special treatment

 Sconces have been hung

And art and rugs are being considered

I don't want to tell you the things that are left to do because then I may cry.  So I will get back to work and leave you with the suggestion that you visit all of the other One Room Challengers here.  And be sure to say Hello! to our hostess with the mostess, Linda from Calling It Home.


  1. Glad things are moving along well for you Kimber! Cant wait to see it all done!

  2. I always love your style. Whatever you do will be fab.