Thursday, April 21, 2016

One Room Challenge - Week Three

Hello and welcome to Week Three of the One Room Challenge.  If you have not been following along, are new here, or are living under a rock, the One Room Challenge was created by Linda from Calling It Home to encourage individuals to completely redo a room in their homes in 6 weeks.  This sounds pretty innocuous, but I can assure you it is not. Here we are, halfway through the challenge and my hair is grayer, my jeans are tighter, and my booze cupboard is empty.

For my third ORC (see here and here for my previous challenges), I decided to update my master bathroom.  I showed you the dismal before photos during week one and during week two I discussed the plan.  This week has been all about lighting.  Last week I teased you with the crystals I ordered to redo the antique chandelier.  When I found it at an estate sale it was in pieces.  And I do mean PIECES.  I lovingly put it back together as best as I could, rewired, and hung it without addressing the heinous plastic beads posing as crystals.  It was like a supermodel dressed in a potato sack.  Or like a shiny new Bentley covered in mud.  Okay, so analogies are not my forte; luckily, stringing crystals is.  

I ordered five packages of crystals and bronze chain parts that, when put together, equal 75 feet of gorgeousness from this seller on eBay.  When the package was delivered I sat down and began the arduous task of connecting each individual crystal with the chain.  By the time I was done my fingers and shoulders were killing me; however, when you see the after below, you'll agree that my pain is your pleasure because it is good.  Really good.

Isn't she so much better?  And, I'm happy to announce that I almost have the feeling back in my finger tips.  Yay!

The next lighting issue that needed to be addressed is the vanity area.  Currently there is an ugly single sconce centered above the two mirrors.  It. Has. Got. To. Go.  My plan was to put a pair of sconces between the mirrors a la this photo below (say hello to Justin who is making his blog and One Room Challenge debut - sidenote and funny story...when I suggested that we redo the bathroom for the ORC, he agreed as long as I promised not to yell at him during this project.  I promised to "endeavor" to not yell).

Then my mama came over.  And she had an opinion on the topic (and every other topic known to man, but I digress).  She thought that the two sconces between the mirrors would not look right.  She wanted to see other options.  And by "see other options", I mean she wanted me to make a design board for each option that she could study.  Being the excellent daughter that I am, and knowing that my mama has impeccable taste and I truly do value her (many) opinions, I sent her these.

Original design
Bet you'll never guess what happened.  Yep, she chose the original design.  #facepalm 

I also purchased some gorgeous trim for the balloon shade while in New York with my daughter.  I did not have my fabric swatch with me and went off memory, praying that it would work.  Flying by the seat of my pants paid off because it could not be more perfect.

Until next time, friends.  Be sure to visit and support all of the other guest participants and featured designers of the One Room Challenge.


  1. Dying over your Mom!!! She sounds like a client I am working with right now. I could facepalm 10x per day if I wasn't too tired to lift my arms. Painting - who knew it was such a workout! Cheers to a fun post - having a great time following along!
    Stephanie with Ambience Inspired Interiors

  2. OMG,that chandelier is worth all the effort Kimber! Just fabulous! A reak 'diamond in the rough'!

  3. The chandelier looks amazing & cannot wait to see the sconces - at least you have triple confirmation your original plan is solid, lol!