Friday, October 18, 2013

My Train Wreck

You know the old adage “If at first you don’t succeed, try again”?  In the case of my 1920’s sideboard, it was more like try again…and again…and again…and…

The moment I decided to paint it (a tough decision because I loved the wood but it was in REALLY bad shape), I knew I wanted to do black and white.  I had a definite vision for this sideboard.  It has sexy legs and excellent carved areas perfect for accenting with paint.  So, armed with my favorite Rustoleum paint from The Home Depot, I happily got started.

I painted the main part of the sideboard black and waited (and waited! oil-based paint takes a long time) for the paint to dry to start on the white.  Yes!!! This was going to be SO GOOD. 

After two coats of white paint in the detailed areas, I had this train wreck.  Keep in mind …two coats using a tiny artist’s brush to get in the grooves, cleaning up eleventy billion drips, plus dry time…and I hated it.  WTF

Maybe I had too much white?  Out came the black…again.  Train Wreck.

How about not highlighting the carved areas?  More black…AGAIN.  TRAIN WRECK.

I seriously was about to hang it up at this point.  I decided to try one more thing.

Now we’re getting somewhere.  But we still aren't done.  She needed some jewelry and detailing.

And she finally (finally!) was finished.
Just noticed the dog hair under her...nasty.  Too busy painting to vacuum...don't judge

Do you love her as much as I do?

Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. I am so glad you did not give up. I am also sorry I gave away a similar piece. I did not have the vision like you do. Great job.

  2. The piece looks great, Kimber! Way to stick with it - love the new brass hardware too!

  3. Oh sometimes you do have to just keep moving forward ... and look how fabulous your efforts paid off!! Love the look! Happy Weekend!

  4. You're a genius <3. What did you use for the gold detailing? Gilt pen?

  5. The last choice was the best one - it was worth all of the attempts to end up with the beauty you have! (says the girl who didn't have to do all of that painting). Cheers to you for sticking with it - it looks beautiful!!

  6. I am so glad you did not give up! WOW! I am super blown away with your painting skills!! Everytime I paint furniture it is a mess-probably because I have "Painter's ADD" I can't just focus that long on painting, or I just plain give up before it's done. You are SUPER woman for trying several times til it was perfection!!

  7. Oh my sweet girl, beautiful as usual! You are a super painter, and the best at cutting in - hence the 300 spindles !!!!! You are my go to girl. I don't see any dog hair, well maybe a little.

  8. Yes, she is perfect. I'm glad to see that someone will share the process. The good, the bad , the ugly. In the end she's phenomenal!
    Well done.

  9. It looks amazing! My mom has a nearly identical sideboard that she painted in matte black. It's been bugging me forever (I'm not a fan of the matte painted look usually). I need to show this to her. GORGEOUS! So glad you didn't give up. :)

  10. The sideboard looks incredible! I have a similar buffet and I painted it grey and I'm not in love with it, unlike you, I hung up my hat and living with it! Now, I feel inspired to go back and paint it again, Thanks! Great job!

  11. I hate it when I'm in the midst of a train wreck. You got yourself out of it - the final piece looks great. Love the brass pull.

  12. This looks positively divine, dahling!!! What a fantastic job, you are so talented!!! I'm absolutely loving the fabulous Art Deco vibe!

    The Glam Pad

  13. I hope you cracked open a bottle of wine after all that because the end product rocked it big. Phew.....