Wednesday, October 11, 2017

One Room Challenge - Laundry Room Redo - Week Two

Hello and welcome to the second week of the One Room Challenge.  If you're new here, thank you for joining me as I attempt to redo my mama's laundry room.  Last week, I showed the space, including the sheetrock repair from damage sustained by Hurricane Katrina.  Speaking of hurricanes, Nate paid us a visit...and let me just say, he is kind of a jerk.


Thankfully, we did not sustain devastating losses like others have this hurricane season.  God bless everyone that has.

When not preparing for the storm, seriously everything can be considered a projectile in 100mph winds, I have been trying to prepare for some laundry room goodness.  My Mama and Daddy retired last year and have spent the past few months traveling, so all of our design decisions have been made remote (which doesn't hurt my feelings since I may have a few surprises up my sleeve).

The design plan started with this gorgeous Designers Guild fabric.

Designers Guild Chinoiserie Garden

It's a gorgeous, vibrant fabric with watercolor florals and chinoiserie details.  What's not to love, right?  We originally planned on painting the walls white and the cabinets and trim a dark teal, like this:

But it feels kind of flat, yes?  I need something besides the fabric that unifies the space.  The logical answer was wallpaper.  Which leads me to these three options.  I am waiting on two more samples and will then make my final decision.  I have a favorite, but I am not telling yet.

Finalizing the paint depends on the wallpaper selected, so we are at a bit of a standstill; however, we are making other buying decisions and I feel fairly confident that we are in a good place (said every ORC'er ever during Week Two).  I may be singing a different song next week.  Until then, please be sure to check out the Featured ORC Designers and also all of the Guest Designers.  And, thank you so much to Linda from Calling it Home for creating this wonderful event. 


  1. Oh, I love the first one! Is it Les Touches? One of my favorite patterns!

  2. Lovely plan. I also have a fav. but I'm not telling Kidding, I love the second one most.

    1. I love that one too. It is a strong contender, for sure!

  3. Isn't wallpaper amazing?!?! Can't wait to watch this one unfold!!! @shopemilyco

  4. Les Touches is one of my favorites, and I love your color palette!