Wednesday, February 26, 2014

And we have a winner, folks. And a loser.

Did you know that Linda from Calling it Home is hosting a "One Room Challenge Now" party?  She has asked all the past participants of the ORC to link up any changes or updates to the rooms that were featured in the past. 

I planned to participate and show the light fixture that I began working on during the last ORC in November.  But guess what?  I'm not.  And I'll tell you why.  I lost my camera battery charger and, knowing the party was upcoming and my camera is completely dead, I ordered a new one off eBay because I'm cheap thrifty.  And I got an awesome deal too.  $3 rather than the $30 that everyone else was charging.  Whoop!  Wait, what?  It's coming from China?  Oh well, there was still plenty of time before the linking party.


Still hasn't arrived. And waiting for the charger has enabled me to procrastinate even longer on my fixture.  So, the clear loser in this situation (and blog post) is moi.  Sorry, Linda, for not being able to participate.  I suck.  I know it. 

But, in other news, a decision has been made by my clients for their master bedroom.  If you recall, we talked about their options here and here.   She was having a tough time getting her husband to agree to wallpaper or any other "huge" changes (isn't that always the way?), so we talked and talked about the options.  Their bedroom currently has a black, grey & off-white palette, so the most natural change is to add a bit of this perfection.

Elizabeth designed by Alessandra Branca for F. Schumacher

I ordered a memo of this loveliness and when it arrived at my client's house, she immediately called and squealed.  She was in love.  Seeing it in person made decision that had been tough so much easier.  We will be moving forward with this room design, and I couldn't be happier.

The Elizabeth fabric has been ordered and tape has been chosen for her existing black silk drapery. We are discussing paint colors and are sourcing the perfect rug. 

Don't you love it when a plan works out? 



  1. Oh yes and this one is just ultra- gorgeous! Can't wait to see it done!

  2. Oooo that is going to be gorgeous! Love the floral fabric!

  3. No worries about the linking thing. I understand. Love this wallpaper and this room will be stunning.

  4. Ooooo - that is lovely!
    Ok - tip. I know you've got one coming ... from China ... but, in the future, you can go to Target and buy the name brand TARGUS chargers. They work from my Canon and my Sony, and I am sure that they work for all other brands too. Best part, $9.99! I also used their relay for the memory card, so I can move photos over to my computer - because I think I lost the one that came with the camera the day I got it. I know - I'm not good with keeping up with my toys, never have been, mother should have beat me - but she was one of those hippie parents (oh, Artie, you just have to wish it into being, and you'll find it ... blah blah blah) so, anyway - if you're sick and tired of waiting for your Chinese charger to arrive, and you want an option for a lot less than $30 - TARGUS at TARGET.

  5. love this fabric and inspiration ... you can show us your room next!! xo

  6. that is life sometimes and you're certainly not a loser. You can still post about it later and that's a win! Just like that fabric and your clients decisions!!! Great plan and glad that's going forward. Xo Nancy

  7. When I first saw that fabric, I died. Love, love, love it! Just waiting for a client that will love it - can't possibly put another floral in my home! Can't wait to see this room come together.

  8. I would wrap my whole house in Elizabeth if I could - my favorite fabric in a long time. That bedroom is going to be killer.