Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The One That Got Away

Stupid, Kimber, stupid!  What is the number one rule in thrifting?  We all know it...DO NOT WAIT.  If you find something you love, for an unbelievable price, do not hesitate.  Buy it! 

Guess who broke that rule recently?  Yes, this girl.  Stupid, Kimber, stupid.

Behold the beauty that could have...should have been mine.


I'm gonna go ahead and say what you are thinking:  Kimber, you're a dumbass.




  1. We've all been there Kimber! Lucky I didn't do it for my latest score from Goodwill - my first Campaign furniture!

  2. Im thinking the same thing! Im now worried abt leaving behind a chair yesterday. Hopefully it will be there tommorow.

  3. I do this more times than I care to admit. Never learn. Sorry chica!

  4. You're normal my dear! As I tell Bethany, that's not the last great deal - there will be others. You will maybe not hesitate next time! Wishing you great finds and being able to pull the trigger. Xo Nancy