Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I made a decision...kind of

Hello lovelies.  Do you remember when I blogged about the backs of my pagoda shelves?  Yes, you know, one of the last times I blogged a few weeks ago?  Sorry for that.  My son had to have an emergency appendectomy and then Mobile had an ice storm that shut down the city and county.  You know how they say that The Lord only gives you what He knows you can handle?  Well, He must have a ton of faith in me. 

Back to the shelves.  They are in my family room here at #ProjectLemonade.  I painted the vintage Weiman cabinets a custom blue black color that looks amazing.  I did nothing to the backs of the shelves because I was lazy waiting on inspiration.  Crickets.  Months passed.  Nothing.


*Speaking of lazy, do you notice the vast amount of paint on the glass of the cabinets?
What about the dust?  My mama is so proud.

So, I asked you lovely folks via the blog and Instagram what you think.  Boy, y'all have some great ideas! 

Last weekend, pre-appendectomy and ice, I was driving home from my daughter's volleyball tournament and had an epiphany.  I remembered seeing somewhere an inexpensive faux grasscloth available at Lowes.  Taking the chance that my dumb store had it, I pulled into the parking lot to the collective eye rolling of three children.  And guess what?  I found this goodness for $20 a roll.  Yes, you read that correctly.  $20 per roll.  At that price, who cares if I hated it.  "YahnahImsayin?"  (Have you seen We're The Millers?  It was so hilarious and I am now addicted to saying that.  Terrible, I know.) 

I hate my granite. I hate my granite.  #FocusKimber
I immediately got to work when I got home.  I simply measured the back of my shelves and then marked the measurements on the back of my wallpaper. 

 Then, using a straight edge, I drew a line connecting the marks.  Then cut it out.

Because I have commitment issues, I decided to not permanently attach the paper to the back.  Instead I used this stuff.

Yes, I realize this picture is upside down.  Blogger of the year, that's me.

I added strips of the mounting tape around the edges of the back. 

I started from the top and removed the backing off of the tape as I rolled the paper downwards.

Here she is all Purdy-like.

And with her shelves back in.  I added a few blue & white pieces but plan to add much more. 

I promise I will take better photos soon.  Plus, I'll be sharing more on my #ProjectLemonade family room soon.  TTFN!



  1. Oh, it's perfect!! And that blue-black color is to DIE for.

    Hope your family is feeling better!

  2. Love the blue and white candlesticks and the brass box...

  3. Smarty pants. Looks fab and don't tell but I was at Lowe's myself today and found the most fab metallic damask wallpaper for $5 per roll. Guest bath wallpaper? Check. Always loving your style lady!! Happy healing!!

  4. Love it!! Sorry about the little guy, boy that must have been stressful. Sending happy thoughts your way.

  5. Looks absolutely fabulous Kimber!!!! LOVE IT! I knew, somehow, paper was the answer! LOL!

    Hope your young man is all better now :-(

  6. Hi Kimber - I tried to send an email last week but it didn't go through! I'd like to get another 1 1/3 yards of the magenta la fiorentina if possible. Thanks!

  7. Love it! Ive seen that paper but was very unsure abt using it, yours looks so good i might give it a try!

  8. Are you still loving this wallpaper? I was going to hang the real grass cloth up and down my hallway above the board and batten, but now I might just try this instead, never knew the faux existed! Thank You!!