Monday, February 17, 2014

Deal Alert!

Hello Sunnies.  Just dropping in today with a deal alert.  Remember when I shared about Scalamandre's Outlet site, The Third Floor?  Well, they have some new additions and one name caught my eye "Pagoda Paisley."  Y'all know I cannot pass up anything with a pagoda on it.

There is no photo yet, so I decided to do a search to see what I could find.  Here she is.

Scalamandre Pagoda Paisley  image via

Keep in mind the fabric in the outlet is for the RED colorway, not the green shown above.  It is regularly over $140 a yard but is on sale for $34.95.  Are you willing to take the gamble not seeing a photo?  Imagine it in a Chinese red.  This could be so, so good...

Be sure to let us know if you nab this fabric. 



  1. You know how I love me a pagoda but sadly I'm not a paisley girl. Love that Third Floor Outlet. I saw on there the other day that they have my kitchen wallpaper in blue and white now. That stings a little.

  2. never heard of this! thanks for sharing the deal! will go back and visit often now:)