Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Style Icon: Victoria Beckham

I had a blog post that I was getting ready to work on and when I turned on my computer, a picture of Victoria Beckham popped up.  I, of course, scrolled through the images and absolutely fell further in love with her style.

She used to be way too Rock n Roll for me.  And she always seemed a bit, well, harsh.


But lately, she seems so much more effortless.  It seems to me that most women reach an age when they become comfortable in their own skin and they no longer have to force it.  Perhaps she has finally grown into her own womanhood?   Whatever it is, she looks flawless.

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And, honestly, in my opinion, this look is far more sexy than the over-sexed starlet look. 
Confidence is sexy.  Class is sexy.  Contentment is sexy.  And, dare I say it?  Age is sexy.
Do you have a style icon that you favor?  Do tell.


  1. I actually love all the clothes she designs - super unaffordable, but beautiful lines, she is classy now for sure!

  2. I couldn't agree more! That whole trying-too-hard bit is just... blech. Give me effortlessly chic any day. I don't have a style icon per se, but I do think that Lauren Conrad is very good at putting together cute and fashionable yet appropriate outfits, and Olivia Palermo often hits it out of the ballpark - though sometimes she just goes too far.