Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On the hunt

Hello Sunshines.  How y'all doing?  Are you freezing?  Me too.  Damn groundhog.

Can we please discuss sofas?  AGAIN...  Yes, I know.    But this shizzle is tough.  It's a big commitment.  It's like marriage.  And, to be honest, I don't have a great track record with that...ahem...

What am I looking for, you ask?  A tight back English roll arm sofa with down cushions.  For next to nothing.  Oh and I'd love it in either apple or emerald green velvet.  Or leather.  I'm not sure which.  Not too difficult to do, right?  Let's take a look at the usual suspects.

Lee Industries 3278-32
First we have Lee Industries.  This sofa features three castered front legs, down cushions and can be customized in a variety of fabrics and leathers.  It is 87" wide and costs $2519 for COM (customers own material), plus $225 for the feather cushions, plus fabric.  This is my most expensive option.

Mitchell Gold London Sofa

This Mitchell Gold Bob Williams sofa is a beauty.  I love that it comes in an extra long 97" width.  It costs $2395 in a slubby linen blend fabric but can be customized in other fabrics and leathers as well.

Rowe Markham Sofa

This is the Markham Sofa by Rowe, measuring in at 83" wide.  It costs $1699 and can be customized in various fabrics and leathers.  I saw it at Barrow's Fine Furniture in Mobile, AL.  I am including it because it is like sitting on a cloud.  Seriously, it is delicious.  But it has back cushions, which I vowed to stay away from since Lady-Gate.  You  remember that, right?

Finally, we have the least expensive gal in the bunch.
Haverty's Melody
Haverty's Melody sofa.  It is our smallest option, both size- and price-wise.  She comes in at $799 (on sale from $899) and measures in at 81" wide.  She is available in multiple fabrics, but most of them are ugly.  I really do like the fabric that she comes in.  The color is great.  She is not uncomfortable with non-down cushions, but she isn't like sitting on a cloud either.  Plus there is the size issue.  She isn't large enough for my whole family to sit on, but at that price I could get two!
Do you see my conundrum, dear friends?  My mama thinks I need to get a leather sofa because 1. dogs and 2. messy kids.  But leather just doesn't feel like me.  Although Lee does offer an awesome green leather.  Would I be crazy to buy a sofa in green leather?  Especially with that much of a financial commitment?  I know that Lauren Liess from Pure Style Home has an apple green Lee Industries sofa that I have always admired. 
Lauren Liess
But she seems way too cool to have decorating ADD like I do.  Dare I commit to something outrageous?  Would it be a match made in sofa Heaven?
So, what say you?  And don't even get me started on chesterfields.  There are just too many fish in the sofa sea. 


  1. I am not feeling the leather. I would buy the best quality sofa you can afford and then I would get a pretty blanket to put over it so the dogs don't mess it up. Of course I would take the blanket off when real people (aka, company) come over.

  2. We have the Lee in a cotton velvet and it is amazing. We love it! Even with 3 young kids, it still is spotless and has held its shape great after 3 years of use in our family room. It's worth it!

  3. I agree with Linda and love the Mitchell Gold Bob Williams sofa the most. :-)

  4. I to love an english rolled arm sofa.I dont own one but if I were buying I would go with Mitchell Gold sofa. Please no leather! Ha!

  5. I love the idea of a green sofa,...I had to part with mine when we moved (still sad about that!) At that price if you ever changed your mind you could re-upholster!

    Amber @ Averie Lane

  6. I don't think you are a leather girl either. I say option #2. It is an investment but it will stand up to life.

  7. Love the MGBW best. Velvet would be so yummy! Love the legs, the long width, the clean lines, the welting on the btm cushions and the non-back cushions (my youngest kid sits up there!!!! drives me nuts!!). :)

  8. I have long coveted the London sofa and am looking for a cheaper alternative too. Have you sat on any of these? Although I want a tight back (I'm sick of back cushions thrown on the floor by my kids), when I sat on a tight back model, it had a really deep seat and wasn't that comfortable. Just curious as to what your experience was.

  9. I have sat on a few tight back. Yes, they do have very deep seats, which can be uncomfortable. I plan on having lots of throw pillows on the sofa. Sounds like that wouldn't be your ideal situation given the kids. For me, I don't care if my dogs lie on the throw pillows because those are easily and inexpensively replaced. Not the case with back cushions.

  10. I'm struggling with the same conundrum! I want a white sofa for our family room, but with two dogs, white gets dirty fast! The (hideous) ivory leather sofa that came with my husband when we married fortunately was destroyed in the move, but he reallllly loved the practicality of that leather, so I'm trying to find a happy medium. Cannot wait to see what you do!

    The Glam Pad

  11. Oh the challenges of shopping for that champagne sofa with a beer budget. I think you should save your nickels and go with the MGBW number. The lines are so crisp and it will last you for decades. I hear velvet sofas wear like iron - can't wait to find out for myself. Good luck with your search!